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The N7100E network scanner helps maximise business efficiency by allowing every staff member to speedily digitise everyday documents and facilitate the use and transmission of paperwork all around the company. It is perfectly suited to any environment where space is limited such as an office, in the corridor or any customer facing environment due to its compact nature and quiet operation.

Large 8.4 touch screen high resolution – (1,024 x 768 pixels) display. Scan thin paper or thick paper – (40 to 209 g/), and even plastic ID cards. Customizable menu per individual user login to control scanning settings and destination(s):

  • Scan to a network folder
  • Scan to a network fax
  • Scan to a network printer
  • Scan directly to e-mail
  • Scan to a FTP server
  • Scan to Microsoft SharePoint.
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With the functionality of many devices, yet the simplicity of one, the N7100E network scanner contains the qualities organizations of all sizes desire to improve business processes. Scanning speeds are a consistent 25 ppm/50 ipm (A4 landscape 200/300 dpi) with a 50 sheet loading capacity.

Easy stand-alone network operation with a large display

Operators no longer need a computer to scan, save or send data using the N7100E. Digitizing or editing documents, storing scans to network directories, and sending data via email attachment can all be completed with simple operation of the large touch screen and on-screen keyboard. Without the computer add-on, operations remain simple and easy, so that minimal operator training is required and there is no need for computer maintenance.

Customize for secure group use

Administrators can customize the touch panel job menu and scan settings to suit the work of a specific user or registered user group. In this way, adminstrators can control what each operator can do and customize a single unit to function as a terminal, exclusive to each operator. Shared use always comes with its share of risks but N7100E provides numerous security measures to ensure complete data protection. Not only does the scanner implement verification before scanning but it ensures automatic data encryption during processing and data deletion after scanning.

Fit all unique needs with ultimate customization functionalities

User applications can also be integrated into the scanner as add-in software using the exclusive SDK (for Windows). Added applications are displayed on the job menu.

Versatile range of use from SOHO to large enterprises

Whether at small office networks or large enterprises, N7100E easily satisfies the digitizing needs of networks using file or e-mail servers. Designed to be shared among multiple users, it also offers administration functions that allow administrators to individually or collectively set up and manage a vast network of units from a single console. The Admin Tool function allows administrators to adjust running environment settings one scanner at a time. And the Scanner Central Admin enables collective monitoring and managing of scanner usage, settings and much more for multiple units. Thanks to the open USB port, operators can connect keyboards and other USB devices such as ID card readers, so that the unit can function as a flexible terminal for any work environment.

Scanning Speed 25 pages per minute
Max. paper size Scan up to A4
Colour Mode Colour, greyscale, black and white
Scanning Side Duplex (both sides)
Daily duty cycle up to 4,000 pages
Feeder Capacity 50 sheets
Weight 6 kg
Interface RJ45 network – 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T
Dimensions H x W x D 172 mm x 300 mm x 232 mm
Drivers NATIVE
Compatibility Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac
Scanner Cleaning Wipes (72 Pack)
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Carrier Sheets (5 Pack)
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1xPick Roller & 1xSeparation Roller
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Please contact us for more information on warranty options – CONTACT US

      • Service options are available from 1 to 5 years on site or by exchange
Standard 1 year exchange warranty (Next business day)
Extends Exchange Warranty From 1 Year to 3 Years
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 Download N7100E Drivers

OfficioDM OfficioDM Single User for PC – FREE    
OfficioDM Pro OfficioDM Pro (3 – 15 users). 3 user network inc. mobile app, £200.00 or FREE if purchased with any scanner.
FS Cloud single user 1 concurrent fully featured File Stream licence including mobile app. and 10 GB cloud storage – £50.00 per month.
FS Cloud 5 concurrent users 5 concurrent fully featured File Stream licences including mobile app. and 50 GB cloud storage – £285.00 per month.
FS Cloud 15 concurrent users 15 concurrent fully featured File Stream licences including mobile app. and 50 GB cloud storage – £465.00 per month.
File Stream Enterprise File Stream enterprise Document Management system including mobile app. from 1 to 1,000 concurrent users +. Purchase / Lease and subscription options available.


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File Stream Cloud

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  • Automatic Backups
  • Secure Storage & User Access Control
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