Ricoh PJ WUL5A40ST

RICOH PJ WUL5A40ST: 55-150″ WUXGA 1920×1200, 4500 Lumens, USB Memory Projection, Short-Throw, 3LCD Laser Projector

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Using 3LCD image processing technology, the PJ WUL5A40ST gives 5200 lumens of brightness for greater image detail over distance. With this level of power, images stay clear, defined and of high quality – even in brightly lit environments.

The PJ WUL5A40ST is equipped with the WUXGA chip, allowing it to deliver ultra-widescreen image resolution. It is also 4K signal-compatible.

The Short Throw model Ricoh PJ WUL5A40ST can project a 60-inch image at under 60cm from the wall or projection screen

In summary, the  Ricoh PJ WUL5A40ST projector is ideal for business meetings are perfect when space is short but large, bright, high-quality images are needed.

Brightness 4,500lm
Light source Laser
Light source life (av) 20,000 hours
Projection distance 0.514 – 1.468M
Throw ratio 0.44
Resolution 1,920 x 1,200 (WUXGA)
Focus Manual
Zoom ratio
Dimensions W x D x H 390 mm x 319 mm x 132 mm
Weight 5.5kg
Speaker 16W mono


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3 years standard exchange warranty

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